Fitzgerald & Fennell Ancestors

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Siblings Annie and Sarah Geary

The photo was taken in Chicago. Annie and Sarah, along with their other siblings, were born on Mweenish Island just off the coast of Carna, Galway. Annie is older, born 29 Mar 1871, and Sarah is five years younger, born 05 Dec 1876. Both emigrated to New York. Annie married Paddy Green of Mace, and Sarah married Thomas Bowen. Neither had children. At some point between her marriage in 1907 and the 1920 census, Sarah and Thomas separate because Sarah reverts to her maiden name of Geary. Both Annie and Sarah died in New York; Annie in 1950 and Sarah in 1973. We have been able to locate Sarah’s grave on Long Island in Coram. Annie and Paddy remain a mystery!


Siblings Sarah Geary and John Geary

The photo was taken in New York and is part of a series taken of various family members. Sarah is with her brother John Geary. John was born on Mweenish on 19 May 1879. John has a long and fascinating travel history. He originally emigrated to the US in 1900. There are at least 7 additional Ireland to US trips documented between the first trip in 1900 and the final trip in 1954. John married Bridget Lyden in 1906 in New York (she was from Carna), and they returned home to Carna following the marriage. Bridget never returned to New York but John made all those additional trips as he was working in New York as a highly paid waiter. He also owned property out on Long Island. John’s final trip to New York in 1954 followed Bridget’s death in 1948. He lived out his final years in the home on Lake Ronkonkoma. He died in 1959 and is buried with his sister Sarah on Long Island in Coram.

Mweenish Island is in the Electoral Division of Knockboy, in Civil Parish of Moyrus, in the Barony of Ballynahinch, in the County of Galway. It is located just off the coast of Carna, and there is a bridge/road to reach it. The Irish name for Mweenish Island is Maínis Mweenish Island is also known as Oileán Mháinse in Irish.

Link to map for Mweenish Island 

Spotlight on Ancestors

MacDara Lyden

Knife that MacDara used as a blacksmith in Carna, Galway, Ireland.

Maurice Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald's were creamery farmers in Caherlevoy, Limerick, Ireland.

Favorite Quotes
  • “We are who we are because they were who they were.”
    ~ Author unknown
  • “Our names were made for us in another century.”
    ~ - Richard Brautigan
  • “We are the accumulation of the dreams of generations.”
    ~ Stephen Robert Kuta
  • “You live as long as you are remembered." 
    ~ Russian proverb
  • "If you don’t know history, you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree."
    ~ Michael Crichton

Family Photos

Bridget Lyden Geary

Matt Fennell and Cissy (Comyn) Fennell

Paddy Fitzgerald

John Joseph Geary

Elizabeth Sheehy Fitzgerald

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