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This journey began as a labor of love following the death of my uncle Tim Fitzgerald in 2009. For years, I had imagined documenting the family tree and never took the time. Tim’s death surfaced a number of Fitzgerald family documents and photos. With help from some cousins, and a few research projects in Ireland, I was off and running. The tree now extends beyond my immediate Fitzgerald and Fennell family, and starts to document that of my extended family. We’ve grown from 3 entries to hundreds more in a relatively short period of time! Since starting my journey, DNA has now become a critical genealogy tool. Many of the entries in the tree are now more like ‘twiglets’ as I continue to research how DNA connections are related to me.

My roots from Ireland run deep through 4 counties: Clare, Limerick, Kerry and Galway. I have had the incredible fortune of visiting the places of my ancestors, walking their land, and loving their spirit.

What is shown in this website is ancestral information that I have chosen to share. No living family members will be viewable except for a limited reference to myself and my parents, and others that have given explicit permission. If you have found this site, you were likely directed here by me or another family member. If you need a personal logon, please contact me using the links in the website.

Disclaimer: The genealogy information on these pages is only as good as that gathered from church sites, relatives, governments, parish records, etc. Not everything is authenticated but I am working my way back through the Irish details now that so many records are available online. I always appreciate feedback, corrections and additional information. You can send me an e-mail from the contact page. If you have stories or photographs of individuals, please share them with me. Also check out the “Most Wanted” page to see if you can help give information on difficult to research individuals.