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This series of photos represents various components of my family history. Starting in the top row left, Photo 1 is a photo of The Cenacle in Brookhaven on Long Island. My grandfather Maurice Fitzgerald and his close friend Pat Rafferty built that grotto in about 1930. Photo 2 is a picture of the convent school just outside Carna where my paternal grandmother Mary Bridget Geary attended school. Photo 3 is St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Carna. Not only was my grandmother baptized here, but my great greats were married here. Photo 4 is Our Lady of the Assumption where my paternal grandfather Maurice Fitzgerald was baptized.

On the lower row, starting from the left, Photo 5 is St. Senan Roman Catholic Church in Kilrush where my mother was baptized as well as marriages for many of my great greats. Photo 6 is some abandoned homes on Mynish Ireland where my great grandfather John Geary was born. Photo 7 is St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church in Duagh where my great grandparents were married. Photo 8 is a sketch drawing of the house my father was raised in at The Cenacle until he was about 2 years old.

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  1. Laura

    I love this Terry….All of that knowledge in your head written out for all of us to enjoy. Thank you!!

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